Insight Counseling Services

Ann Shar, LMSW

Life can be difficult and quite stressful at times, yet having

the right skills to cope with life's demands can make all

the difference. My passion is to help those who are hurt

and hurting as a result of these stressors, to look at life in

a different light in order to minimize emotional pain and

suffering and restore joy. I encourage folks to feel their

feelings and deal with them so that they can move on.

I offer Christian centered counseling upon request.  I can

help you understand how your past created your present

and how to positively impact your future. I can help you

understand your mentally ill or addicted loved one, or how

to better function in your relationships.

Primary treatment methods include Insight Oriented Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  I offer a safe and nonjudgmental environment. Clients find my approach to be warm and calming.  I work primarily with adults, older teens and families.  I am well versed in treating a variety of mental health disorders.  I consistently get positive reviews from my clients.  My specialties are working with anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and adjustment disorders.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Social Work in 1984.   I have experience in working with eating disorders and recently began EMDR training for the treatment of PTSD and trauma.  

Besides working in the field of social work and outpatient mental health, I have also been a mom of 3 who are now all adults, and an educator at the college level.  I live with my husband of 33 years, along with 2 my pet cats and my elderly mother.  It is my honor and privilege to work in this field of helping others to enjoy life and be their best. 

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