Insight Counseling Services


Due to concerns over the community spread of Coronavirus in our local community, Insight Counseling Services is committed to doing our part in flattening the curve by transitioning all of our services to virtual care.   Our therapists will be providing services via Telehealth until our office re-opens for the public.  Although we recognize that this is not an ideal way to provide services, we are prioritizing the health of both our clients and our therapists by limiting physical exposure to potential risks.  

If you are a current client, your therapist will contact you ahead of time and let you know what platform they will be using for the session.  If your therapist is using Zoom for Telehealth (which most of our therapists are), a few minutes before your session, your therapist will contact you about how to logon to the virtual session.  You may need to download the Zoom app which only takes a few seconds.  Once you logon, it will alert the therapist that you are in the “waiting room” and your therapist will admit you to the session.  You will need to turn the video and audio capabilities on.  If your therapist is not using Zoom, they will contact you and let you know how they will conduct the session.

If you are seeking services for the first time, please leave a Voicemail message on our office phone at 248-923-2099.  These messages will be retrieved at least once daily Monday-Friday.  We will send you our intake paperwork by email and will facilitate the virtual meeting with your therapist.  We are very sorry that we have to “meet” this way but we are completely committed to providing excellent care!

Thank you for trusting Insight Counseling Services!  We are committed to the mental health of our current and future clients during this challenging time.