Insight Counseling Services

Douglas Carpenter Psy.D., L.P.

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Dr. Carpenter holds a license as a Psychologist in the State of

Michigan and is the co-owner of Insight Counseling Services. 

He has previously been a psychologist with Perspective

Counseling Center in Troy, Michigan from 2006 - 2014.

He functions as the clinical supervisor for several Limited

Licensed Psychologists.

Dr. Carpenter graduated with his Doctoral degree in Clinical

Psychology from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. 

He earned a Master of Science in Counseling and Substance

Abuse Rehabilitation from Pace University, New York, Bachelor

of Arts in Psychology from Pace University, New York, Associates

of Arts in Social Sciences from Westchester Community College,

and an Associate of Arts in Theological Studies from Kent Christian


Dr. Carpenter has a long history of teaching psychology at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  He has a keen ability to translate academic psychology, and sound clinical research, into clinical practice, making him an informed and skilled psychologist.  From his years of teaching psychopathology, Dr. Carpenter’s diagnostic skills are exceptional.  He has actively functioned as a clinician for over fifteen years and has a broad range of knowledge treating an array of psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

He has special training in the areas of chemical and behavioral addictions.  In the area of chemical addiction, he possesses a great deal of knowledge about alcohol, drugs, trends, pop culture, the addiction cycle, relapse prevention and the foundations of self-help groups.  In the behavioral realm, he has extensive study and therapeutic skills in the area of sexual abuse and trauma, sexual addictions and compulsivity, as well as sexual dysfunction  He has experience working with incarcerated sexual offenders and predators.  

Dr. Carpenter has a passion for working with individuals who have chronic illness and pain.  He uses the Stress-Appraisal-Coping Model with this population.  He is the consulting psychologist for the University Pain Clinic in Rochester Hills.  Dr. Carpenter conducts individual therapy and teaches classes helping individuals with chronic illness and pain about how psychological problems such as stress and depression can exacerbate illness.  He teaches seminars educating these individuals how to develop a comprehensive wellness plan in conjunction with their related physicians and teaches sexual health seminars to this population. 

He is skilled in working with trauma, grief and loss issues, cognitive and behavioral approaches to anxiety, and the management of depression.  He enjoys working with an array of men’s issues and working with male adolescents who are struggling with gender issues and with phase of life issues transitioning into adulthood.

Dr. Carpenter has a history of training and education in the field of psychology.  He was previously employed by Forest Institute of Professional Psychology as the Associate Dean/Graduate Training Director and was the founder and Executive Director of the Heart of America Psychology Training Consortium training psychological interns and post-doctoral residents throughout rural Missouri.  He received the Faculty of the Year award in 2002 from the college.  Dr. Carpenter also served as the Vice President/Chief Academic Officer of Great Lakes University and functioned as the chair of the Counseling and Psychology Department.

He is a member of the American Counseling Association.  He is currently the CEO of Insight Counseling Services.  He was the President of the Troy Community Coalition for the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse (2013 - 2014).  He also served as the President of the board for the Michigan School for the Arts.  He has served as a board member of the Association for Directors of Psychology Training Clinics, and served as a delegate to the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP).  While a delegate of the NCSPP, he served on the Clinical Task Force.

Dr. Carpenter is an active member of his local church, teaching classes and working in the music department.  He enjoys reading, studying, research, and spending time with his two children and his wife, Mary A. Carpenter, LMSW.