Insight Counseling Services

Mary E. Johnson-Palazzolo, LMSW

Mary Johnson-Palazzolo is a Licensed Master Social

Worker who works with children (age 5 and up),

adolescents and adults with a wide variety of issues 

including; self-esteem, depression, mood disorders,

anxiety, oppositional behavior, eating disorders, body

image issues, stress management, suicidal thoughts,

self injury, parenting issues, and social skills. She also

enjoys giving presentations and hosting workshops

based on these specialities.

Mary graduated from Central Michigan University with

a B.S. in Psychology in 1994 and received her Master's

in Clinical Social Work from the University of Michigan

in 1997. Her schooling has helped her to understand the importance of looking at both the individual issues of the client she's treating and the impact ‚Äčof the client's environment. Mary's clinical interventions are mainly from a cognitive behavioral standpoint; focusing on thoughts, feelings and behaviors. She believes that by overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors, clients can make positive changes to the way they feel. While Mary maintains the utmost professionalism in her work, she has a very personal, approachable style that helps her to build strong rapport with her clients.

Mary's biggest passion is working in the area of self-esteem, especially with teen girls. In her own life, Mary struggled with her confidence, mainly in junior high and high school. After overcoming her own issues with self-esteem, Mary wanted to help others to be able to do the same. Mary enjoys running groups and workshops for teens, leading seminars for parents and speaking out in the community about the importance of building up self-esteem.

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