Insight Counseling Services

Michelle Jeffers, LLP

Degree: Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
License: Limited License Psychologist

Michelle Jeffers is a Limited License Psychologist with

the state of Michigan and works primarily with adults.

Michelle attended Wayne State University and later

Eastern Michigan University for undergraduate training

and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in

Psychology and a minor in Women's Studies in 1997.  

Michelle completed her Masters degree in Clinical

Psychology in 1999 from Eastern Michigan University

and has since worked in both residential and outpatient

therapeutic settings. 

"My focus is to help people thrive and achieve their goals, while developing areas of strength and resiliency. I utilize a variety of therapies including Cognitive Behavioral, Positive Psychology principles, Wellness, Insight Oriented and Solution Focused techniques to individualize treatment. My background has afforded me the opportunity to work with the severely and persistently mentally ill population and their families, survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, victims of crime and people from alcoholic family systems. I am passionate about working with women, specifically, women's issues with physical and mental health or family and social roles.  Additionally, my practice has been centered around working with individuals recovering from trauma, those dealing with a challenging phase of life, or dealing with burn-out or compassion fatigue from caregiving responsibilities or stressful employment."

Michelle's specialized areas of interest include: Women's Issues, Postpartum Depression, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), Domestic Violence,  Abusive Relationships, Sexual Assault, Trauma/PTSD, Loss of Relationships, Disordered Eating, Low Self Esteem/Poor Self Image, Compassion Fatigue/Burnout, Chronic Illness, Depression, Anxiety, and Wellness Strategies.